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Convert traffic to leads with content marketing.

A turnkey content marketing program with customizable guides and webinars.

What’s the secret to generating high-quality leads? First, give your prospects something of value in exchange for giving you their email, address and phone number.

This is called “gated content,” such as an eBook, webinar or special event. Sorry—sales incentives such as “a free month off” simply don’t generate many leads. However, prospects are interested in topics they want or need to know more about.

Our content marketing program is affordably priced, customized for your community and proven to work. In 2020 and 2021, we helped our clients generate an average of 500 to 600 quality leads over six months (during Covid-19!) using the webinars, eBooks and speakers you see here. Simply put, content marketing works.

About the products.


These webinars come complete with speaker’s notes and are fully customizable. You can add additional slides or delete those that are not relevant to your community or services. With very little preparation, a confident salesperson with general knowledge can deliver any of these presentations. The webinars come with one coaching session to give you tips on how to present.


A licensed product, these 40-60-page, motivating, full-color, books are professionally designed and customized to your brand. They can be offered as downloads via your website or mailed to prospects. You’ll receive both a PDF suitable for web downloads and a print-resolution PDF.


Short on time or prefer that a professional delivers the content for you? No problem. 3rdThird offers subject matter experts to deliver virtual presentations to your prospects via Zoom or we will co-present with you. Topics include the Life Care Contract, Life Plan Living, Downsizing, Estate Planning and more.

Gated content titles.

Designing Your Life

Designing Your Life eBook and webinar
This 62-page workbook and webinar are built around comprehensive information on positive aging and aligning one’s life goals to aspects of a community that are important to the reader. The workbook gives readers space to write their thoughts as they work through the process and prioritize their goals. A professional life coach or salesperson can host the optional companion webinar.

Hear Better eBook and webinar
Hearing is a major problem for older adults, but few people truly understand this complex issue. Besides offering tips on communicating more effectively with someone with hearing loss, this book and webinar explain the science behind the different types of hearing loss while offering low-cost, inexpensive ways to hear better. Authored by Dr. Kelly Tremblay, PhD, neuroscientist and audiologist, Hear Better is a proven lead generator. The presentation can be used with a provided audiologist or partner with your own.

Financial Considerations and Tips

Financial Considerations and Tips for Choosing a Community eBook and webinar
This 40-page book educates prospects on the variety of senior living community products and helps them understand the financial and tax implications of living in a nonprofit Life Plan community. The accompanying webinar can be hosted by a salesperson or CFO of a community.

Ordinary vs. Extraordinary Memory Care webinar
What elevates memory care from ordinary to extraordinary? It isn’t always about cost. This informational webinar is designed for those who are in the process of evaluating memory care options for their loved one. We identify 10 community categories to consider, backed up by research, and supply 25 must-ask questions. The webinar is adaptable to your specific community amenities and services. It is often used in conjunction with the Best Friend’s Guide to Dementia booklet. Presentations can be done by a professional with some experience with memory care.

Rightsizing Your Life

Rightsizing Your Life eBook and webinar
This 66-page book takes the reader through both the psychological considerations and the physical planning steps to downsizing or rightsizing their life. The book presents a positive perspective and encourages the reader to consider their future relative to their living environment. The companion webinar can be presented by a downsizing expert or a salesperson familiar with the topic.

Best Friend’s Guide to Dementia webinar and eBook
This guide and webinar are designed for loved ones of someone who has recently been diagnosed with dementia. The book highlights tips, essential tasks and communication skills to help them through the stages ahead. Written in a pragmatic, upbeat style, it helps caretakers take action to prepare for the journey ahead. The program can be presented by a professional with some experience in memory care.

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Pricing and licensing.

To create the same quality content of one of our presentations would cost upwards of $40,000. However, 3rdThird licenses our content marketing creations to your community to make them affordably accessible. Once licensed to your location, your direct competitors will not have access to the materials you have licensed, which gives your community a competitive edge.

The licensing is good for three years. Then, a renewal fee of 50% of the initial price will be due for the next three years.

Included in the price is customization for your community of the eBook’s:

  • Front cover and inside front cover
  • Page 3 (your community’s name in the personalized welcome message)
  • Necessary edits for your community on interior pages (for example, if you offer Life Care versus rental versus Life Plan)
  • Inside back and back cover

Price: $4,250 for the book and webinar set per location

Multi-location pricing available

Multi-title savings:

  • Three titles for $10,750—a $2,000 savings
  • Four titles for $12,200—a $4,800 savings
  • Six titles for $19,300 – a $6,200 savings

Optional: Completely customize the book to your brand for an additional charge.

How to Secure This Option for Your Community

Commit to the program in writing, and we’ll get started customizing. Terms are 50% invoiced upon purchase and 50% upon completion and delivery.

Call (888) 776-5135 or email to learn more or get started.

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Schedule a 30-minute meeting with us or call 888-776-5135 to learn more. We look forward to working with you!