Aldersgate: Branding & Census Building

Branding & Rebranding, Census Building
About This Project


Aldersgate had been working with several East Coast and Midwest agencies over the years but felt the agencies weren’t “getting” them. They were preparing to combine a variety of services including At Home, CCRC Without Walls and an ambitious mixed-use development under one brand and wanted to modernize their brand to be relevant to the new market. They were looking for a partner who could capture their vision that includes a deep commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity. Aldersgate goals included selling some new independent living apartments, their cottages, increasing web performance and effectively telling their story.


3rdThird Marketing quickly set out in the spring of 2020 to generate leads while simultaneously developing a new brand to represent Aldersgate’s vision. Lead generation began in June by focusing on the community’s strengths—namely, its location on 200+ acres of land and stellar amenities. Next, we employed a multipronged approach with digital marketing, newspaper, direct mail and public relations, plus we shot a custom photo library of the grounds. We also deployed our newly developed content marketing program, featuring webinars, podcasts, blogs, eBooks, and professional speaker series.


Despite COVID-19, impressively, Aldersgate met its year-end occupancy goal by adding 12 new entrance-fee residents in December and generating 400 new leads during this timeframe. 3rdThird also created a regular podcast named Aldersgate OnAir and assisted in developing a variety of attractive virtual book offers and events to generate and nurture leads. The new brand launched to rave reviews, and web traffic conversions increased dramatically. Pivoting for Covid, outdoor events generated significant lead numbers and generated interest.


“After working with several other marketing firms in the industry, engaging 3rdThird was refreshing. They are personable, professional and actually ‘get’ us. They took the time to intricately understand all the nuances of our structure, persona and brand. The creativity and approach are fresh and inviting, with a small contingent of people working on our account, so we no longer get inundated with emails from an unbearable amount of people.”
—Chief Branding & Community Engagement Officer

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