Change is Coming to the “Senior Living” Industry

Change is Coming to the “Senior Living” Industry

Change is Coming to the “Senior Living” Industry

As the Baby Boomer cohort (born 1946-1964) hits “retirement age”, they’re going to reinvent the concept and experience of senior living. Here’s why, and what that means for you:

  1. Boomers are non-homogenous:

Those from the post-WWII generation are more different than they are alike, and they certainly don’t like to be thought of as a uniform group. While older Boomers lived through the liberations of the 1960’s, those who were born in the early 60’s didn’t come of age until the later 1970’s, when the world had moved on from flower power.

Adults in the postwar segment have experienced varying worlds, and are intent on being seen as individuals. Boomers, they’re just like the rest of us! In marketing, that means we can’t consider them a chunk of the population to hit with one specific campaign. For years, the “senior segment” has been a tidy demographic, a package deal for advertisers — but as the Boomers come on the scene, that’s all about to change. At 3rdThird, we recognize the diversity of our target market — which results in flexible, fun, unique creative and strategy.

  1. A generation raised on postwar wealth, choice, and consumerism:

Boomers have always kept their options open. Growing up in the plentiful, blossoming capitalism of the postwar period, they had the privilege of many lifestyle options and the optimism of possibility. They also know what it is to be targeted with marketing and advertising — they know a good deal and a bad deal when they see them.

There’s no reason to try and trick this segment into buying what you’re selling — simply present a decent product or service, in a clear and descriptive way, and they’ll make the choice on their own. Our job is to educate these consumers on why you’re the best option out there!

They’re consumer-savvy, and for the most part pretty-tech savvy as well. Tired phone and mail campaign strategies won’t interest them for long — they know what’s more meaningful: quality. And they’re going to demand it.

  1. An unprecedented history of reinvention:

The generation that took on sexual freedom and discovered recreational drug culture isn’t going to go quietly. Their political approach to their own health means they have continued to fight for autonomy throughout their lifetimes. Because of this history, they also have created an expectation to feel better.

Boomers have been champions of such varying industries as those for antidepressants, psychotherapy, holistic medicine, and plastic surgery. As they age, that focus is going to shift our industry — Boomers simply won’t put up with anything but the highest levels of comfort, the best service, and the most living and care options.

The landscape of 55+ marketing is going to change, and for the better — and at 3rd Third, we’re excited to say we’re ready for it.

  1. A different perception of youth and age:

They don’t want to get older, and they definitely do not want anyone else to tell them that they are getting older, or how to age. They’re not “seniors” — they’re not even retiring. The way Boomers view themselves is the number one reason they’re making such waves.

We can all benefit by understanding and relating to the Boomer mentality — they want the best, they want to be individuals, and they want to live as young, active people for as long as possible.

They’re bringing a bright, fresh face to the 55+ market, and a little bit of a challenge, too. One that says, ‘you better be there to meet us halfway.’ At 3rd Third, we will be — and we’ll make sure your organization is right there as well.


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