Cultivate curiosity and connection with a turnkey life enrichment platform.

Imagine if your community could plug into some of the brightest academic minds in the world? Imagine team members and residents receiving the latest research, technologies, arts and humanities on the topics they want to know more about? Now you can, with SparksPlus.

Whether 20 or 80 years of age, curious minds deserve cultivation. SparksPlus empowers administrators and activity directors by delivering top-tier intellectual activities and programming that are approachable, pre-packaged and ready-to-go.

While residents love lifelong learning opportunities, it can be difficult for community leaders and activities directors to source premium enrichment content, opportunities and speakers. SparksPlus brings the college campus experience to your community!

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How it works.

These programs are easy to use:

  1. Simply subscribe to a pack of 3, 6 or 12 programs.
  2. Select which programs you would like to feature.
  3. We’ll license the video content for you to use in your community (see our licensing agreement for details).
  1. Download the “How to Guide” to keep the conversation rolling. This additional enrichment content offers a variety of individual or group exercises, follow-up activities and conversation starters.
Intellectual activities
Technology training

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Creative Memoir Writing 101

Even if you’ve never wanted to write a memoir, this creative writing series is for you because writing as self-expression is a great way to engage the brain! Writing, whether by hand or typing, is a creative representation of our time on Earth—and what a gift for your friends, heirs and, frankly, to the world to tell your story.

This course features published author Keith Lee Morris, creative writing professor at Clemson University and editor of The South Carolina Review. Keith has a passion for taking real-life events and creating fiction.

Professor Morris’ short stories have been published in New Stories from the South, Tin House, A Public Space, New England Review, and Southern Review, which awarded him its Eudora Welty Prize in fiction. He infuses all his fiction with his real-life experiences and characters.

Keith Lee Morris

Program Components Include:

  • A Life Enrichment Program Guide. An easy-to-follow guide for senior living life-enrichment professionals with ideas for activities to host during the video presentation and for weeks or months after.
  • Table tent templates that feature thought-provoking questions for your dining room. These are designed to get residents talking to each other about their stories and to participate in the writing course.
  • Art Exercise: A “design your cover” class that encourages residents to write a clever title for their story and create a book cover for it. This art project is created to be given in a class setting or virtually, and offers a variety of other activity ideas.
  • An on-demand video recording of the writing course, featuring Professor Keith Lee Morris and more.

SparksPlus subscription pricing.

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  • Buy all 12 courses, one-time use

Engaging topics and speakers from the arts, sciences and humanities presented by stars at the top of their fields.

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