Design to Be Different

Design to Be Different

Design to Be Different

No one wants to be unrecognizable. Nor neutral, bland and forgettable. Imagine a potential resident looking at a collection of brochures gathered from tours, or clicking through tabs of senior living websites they are researching. Do they have to say, “Now wait, who was this again?” and flip or scroll to find the community name because they can’t tell from the content and design who they are looking at?

We want consumers to recognize your community. Branding is the unique representation of who you are as a company. From the style of writing to the photography and colors, and to the messaging—having a strong brand enables consumers to identify you in the competitive crowd.

3rdThird encourages their clients to capitalize on their unique selling points, to build their brands and to showcase their value. Our team breaks away from having companies simply slap a stock photo of a senior person on the front page of their website and calling it ‘design’. Every community has a story, and 3rdThird wants senior living to showcase its brilliance using one-of-a-kind branding and design just as well as any other consumer product out there.

Don’t blend into the background: let your brand shine. Reach out to the 3rdThird team if you would like a consultation in how we can leverage your design to stand apart.

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