It’s Time for Senior Living to Re-Think the Drink!

It’s Time for Senior Living to Re-Think the Drink!

It’s Time for Senior Living to Re-Think the Drink!

Over the years 3rdThird has worked with many senior living communities. While some in the industry feel the need to manage the drinking habits of their residents, others, including memory care communities, are offering a glass of wine at dinner. These communities report much happier residents, less use of anxiety pharma and a community of people who sleep better through the night.

With the holidays upon us, we wanted to share our perspective, because being festive to some is sharing a holiday nog with brandy, a Tom & Jerry, a hot buttered rum or a Ponche Navideño. How would you feel if suddenly you landed in an assisted living community where you were denied such a warm pleasure?

We realize that in health care environments, a doctor’s permission is needed.  But once given, residents of any community should have the option of enjoying a beverage with dinner or at a festive occasion.

In our marketing business, we know the magic of mimosas and happy hours. Seminar events pull a much better attendance when wine or drinks and food are on the menu.

Our Culinary Coach team enjoys creating wine clubs for communities. The residents each bring a bottle of wine to taste. After the blind tasting, the winning bottle becomes the “From the Barrel” wine for that month. These programs not only engage residents and make them happy, but they quadruple wine sales and add to the bottom line.

Alcoholic beverages are another area where the senior living industry could let go of playing the role of culture editors and become culture creators!

We have read many stories about people attributing some type of moderate alcohol consumption to longevity (from whiskey to beer). Millie Bowers is one of these people, who at 103, says drinking beer is the secret to her long life.

Read the article here.

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