Repositioning to Benefit Your Community

How repositioning can benefit your community

Repositioning to Benefit Your Community

What we love about repositioning projects is helping good communities increase occupancy and SHINE. In fact, even minor updates are opportunities to reposition your community to capture more of the market.

I am very excited to speak with Jennifer Fleming, the principal of Rice Fergus Miller Architecture and Interiors Planning and Bayview Seattle’s CEO Nancy Weinbeck at this year’s Washington LeadingAge Forward Together Annual Meeting coming up on June 15-17 to discuss community repositioning projects.

Repositioning projects are often more manageable than you might think. First, we begin by refreshing the branding and messaging. Within that, we link the blue-sky selling approach of future plans to build excitement and census prior to breaking ground. Second, we use that excitement to generate interest and new deposits so the project can move forward with confidence.

Here’s a recent repositioning project from a nonprofit Life Care community called Westerwood, formerly known as Friendship Village of Columbus. Check out the before and after work. We hosted a virtual “FUTUREFest” to launch their new brand and announce the addition of new garden cottages and amenities to be built in the future.

Whether they admit it or not, I believe that most people like change at some level and admire organizations (or people) who dare to be different, take the plunge and make a change for the better.

Huge kudos to the management and board of Friendship Village Columbus (now rebranded as Westerwood)! They’ve come a long way in a very short time. They have improved leads, sales and census levels, generated greater visibility and distinction in their market, and have begun revitalizing their community.

By Cynthia Cruver, Principal 3rdThird Marketing

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