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The 3rdPlus teams are subject matter experts in the aging services industry with deep knowledge about marketing, dining, sales, operations and building community culture that impacts your bottom line and the residential experience.

Below is a list of sessions we are frequently invited to give at conferences such as LeadingAge (both state and national), the Association of Jewish Aging Services (AJAS), EngAge BC and other organizations.

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Marketing, Branding, Lead Generation & Sales Coaching

How “Internalized Ageism” Impacts Sales, Marketing and Census (And What You Can Do About It!).

We all know that 92-year-old who tours a community and says, “I can’t live with all these old people!” and leaves.How “Internalized Ageism” Impacts Sales, Marketing, and Census

That biased mindset is part of a deeply rooted psychological construct known as “internalized ageism,” and it presents a considerable hurdle when marketing to the mature market.

In this eye-opening presentation, 3rdThird Marketing (a division of 3rdPlus) will help you better understand the psychological triggers behind internalized ageism and how it shapes perceptions and impacts your success in marketing and census. The presentation includes real-world examples and videos of prospects reacting to images and messages. Attendees will discover which messages to use and those to avoid, along with both subtle and overt cues in architecture, dining, design, language, images, events, offers, etc. In addition, you’ll learn how to refocus prospects on positive associations of communal living and how to evaluate your own marketing and selling via the lens of internalized ageism to make it more effective. Presented by Cynthia Thurlow-Cruver, Principal of 3rdPlus and Derek Dujardin, Creative of Director of 3rdThird Marketing.

NOTE: This presentation also comes with a complimentary whitepaper that recaps salient information that you can share with your organization.

Everybody Sells! How to Create a Culture That Supports Selling at Every Level.

The best hospitality brands in the world understand something that many senior living communities miss: Everyone in the organization—regardless of their role—is ultimately in sales.

This fun and interactive session will demonstrate that your community’s brand promise doesn’t end at the website or marketing materials, but is instead a lived experience generated by team members with actions both big and small.Everybody Sells! How to Create a Culture That Supports Selling at Every Level

Attend the session and leave with tangible ideas for what your community can start doing today to bring your brand to life. We will include some surefire tactics for sales and how to leverage your organization’s unique creative instincts to help convert more prospects into new residents.

NOTE: This presentation also comes with a complimentary whitepaper that recaps salient information that you can share with your organization.

A Guide to Successful Blue Sky Selling & Repositioning: Case Studies & Stats.

Calling all blue sky thinkers! See national perspectives about the timing of a repositioning as well as the related branding, marketing and operational considerations plus blue sky selling techniques required for success. Just want to sell some tired inventory? This session is for you too! You’ll learn sales and marketing tactics for selling outdated apartments before they’re remodeled as well as how to build a wait list.

A professional sales coach and his team share tactical, messaging, creative, programming and operations shifts you can make today to help your organization reach for the sky with their repositioning project. Topics: Financial Management; Leadership & Strategy; Management & Operations; Marketing, Philanthropy & PR.

The Art & Science of Community Repositioning & Turnarounds.

Whether your community is humming along and considering a repositioning, or you’re in a turn-around situation with census challenges, this session is for you. Hear the best practices that are crucial for building census that are vitally important for market repositioning and ensuring long-term health for all communities. The Art & Science of Community Repositioning & Turnarounds

3rdThird Marketing, a division of 3rdPlus, made its name turning around census-challenged communities and moving them to full occupancy within 24 months. They will offer key learnings from numerous repositioning projects and describe the mindset, processes and best practices your team, agency and board need to embrace. This holistic intervention will cover targeted aspects of marketing and sales, leadership, change management, dining and operations, board management and market research for a successful repositioning or community turnaround. We will look at the “science”; the core strategic, foundational and tried-and-true essentials that are proven to work for nearly every repositioning project, as well as the “art”; the creative aspects, such as design, positioning, messaging and photography that is authentically unique to your brand. Your award-winning presenters include Derek Dujardin, creative director at 3rdThird Marketing and Cynthia Thurlow-Cruver, principal at 3rdPlus and 3rdThird Marketing.

NOTE: This presentation also comes with a complimentary whitepaper that recaps salient information that you can share with your organization.

OCCUPANCY NOW! Tactics and Strategies to Fill Up Faster.

If you know something needs to change in your approach to sales and marketing but don’t know where to begin, this presentation is for you. For more than 15 years, 3rdThird Marketing, a division of 3rdPlus, has had a near-perfect record for turning around census-challenged communities. This presentation draws upon their deep expertise with short-term tactics that have moved the needle quickly on occupancy. We also address non-marketing issues in operations and HR that impact marketing success.


Please note that this won’t be a rehash of common knowledge about sales and marketing in senior living but will delve into offering best practices proven to deliver faster, better ROIs for your marketing budget. In addition, metrics and targets will be provided to help assess marketing effectiveness while spotlighting “conventional wisdom” of wasteful tactics that don’t deliver like they used to. Best of all, attendees will leave this session with the confidence to be more thoughtful advocates on behalf of their marketing and sales teams.

Hiring, Recruiting & Culture

Creative Ways to Recruit and Retain Qualified Employees in a Hiring Crisis.

The labor force is expected to increase by 8.9 million, or 5.5 percent, from 2020 to 2030, and at the same time, labor of the ages 16 to 24 is projected to shrink by 7.5 percent from 2020 to 2030. How can the senior living space prepare for a tight job market about to become even tighter?

Creative Ways to Recruit

This engaging session combines innovation, marketing and human resources to address the labor crunch for senior living you put to work today. Attend this session and learn how to create an Employer Value Proposition for your community to attract more employees, develop the ones you have and be more competitive in hiring without raising the hourly rate.

3rdThird Marketing’s Principal, Cynthia Thurlow, will share research performed for the Granger Cobb Institute of Senior Living at Washington State University, and Creative Director, Derek Dujardin, from 3rdThird Marketing will share unusual creative tactics and recruiting ads that some of the most successful community organizations in the space are using to attract (and win) top talent.

This fun look at workforce development, including empirical research and the young voice of future executives, will be a breath of fresh air (and hope) for the tired senior community professionals looking for new ideas. Join us!

Dining Transformations & Elevations

Culinary Transformation Case Study: How One Community Went from Contracting to Self-Operation.

In this case study, you’ll experience the journey one non-profit North Carolina Life Plan Community took to transition from a series of dining contractors to self-operating their own successful program across several dining venues. This study uses resident satisfaction surveys that document before and after the self-operation. If your community has ever wanted to move to a self-operation model or wanted to improve resident satisfaction, you’ll appreciate this presentation.

Dining Operations for the C-Level.

You know something needs to change…but you’re not sure what. You went to business school, not hospitality management or culinary school, so how can you affect your community’s dining program? This is a common quandary. Dining can be intimidating. Kitchens are busy and loud. Oftentimes, culinarians can be temperamental. At the Culinary Coach, we spend significant amounts of time with dining teams in senior living communities helping them become better. Now we’re sharing our knowledge with you, the CEOs, VPs and Executive Directors who want better dining and are looking for a place to begin. As dining specialists, we love helping all senior living communities excel in their programs because we want to see all seniors not just living, but thriving. The first and best way to make that vision become reality is by providing healthy, fresh, delicious food that is served with dignity and respect.

NOTE: This presentation also comes with a 16-page white paper of the same name.

Deep Dive: Elevating Your Dining.

The Holy Grail of the senior living community operation is having a stellar dining program. Attend this session and hear from Scott Daniels, CEC, CAA, AAC, a national senior living dining expert with 20+ years in food services and facilities management for one of the U.S.A.’s largest dining contractors, most recently as a District Manager, overseeing 18 retirement/acute/subacute account locations. Scott will share strategies and trends from the national arena that solve some of the toughest challenges to senior living dining today. Attend this session and take away inspiration, as well as easy tactics (that are practically free), your community can use to elevate the quality of your dining program.

Connect with us about any of these session topics and let us know a few details about your event, audience and dates. We look forward to speaking with you.

Our Presenters

Cynthia Thurlow
Founder, Principal and President of 3rdPlus

Cynthia Thurlow CruverCynthia’s 30-year career in branding and advertising spans a multitude of industries, from high-end hospitality with Sunterra Resorts (today named Diamond Resorts) and its 50 worldwide locations to telecommunications, software, banking, non-profits and medical systems. A partner in general-service agencies THREEam and GCDirect, she catered to clients such as T-Mobile USA, Microsoft, F5 Networks, Boeing Credit Union, Goodwill Industries and Pacific Medical Centers. Also, Cynthia has owned a casual but upscale bistro, Cafe Destino, in Bremerton, Washington, where she also originated Bremerton’s first farmers market. Her broad professional background translates well to the senior living industry, which requires technical expertise with food and beverage, hospitality, communications and creative, all driven forward by a powerful, engaging brand.

Cynthia takes a professional approach that consistently focuses on the positive, builds long-term relationships with clients and achieves success with brilliant creativity. A past president of the Seattle Direct Marketing Association, board committee member of the Puget Sound American Marketing Association, member of ALFA and LeadingAge, Cynthia rounds out her passions with organic gardening, art, cooking and her island home life with her husband and dog, Dr. Pickles.

Scott Daniels
CEC, CCA, AAC and Vice President of Culinary and Operations

Scott DanielsScott’s 25+ year career encompasses many facets of the culinary arts. He is an award-winning chef and hospitality professional, recognized by the American Culinary Federation as both a Certified Executive Chef and a Certified Culinary Administrator. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with high honors and is a fellow of the American Academy of Chefs, which is the Who’s Who of Chefs in the United States. He is also a Mobil 4-Star Award recipient and a three-time recipient of Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence. Scott believes that sharing knowledge and experience is vital to the food service industry. Students at two community colleges benefited from his instruction in Hospitality Management and Foodservice Sanitation, and he has also taught classes at Cornell University.

His vision for Culinary Coach is simple. Provide the necessary tools and resources to the dining teams of senior living communities to make each and every day better than the previous with regards to the dining experience for the residents, while elevating the dining team through education and resources. He has been heavily involved with a dog rescue for 25 years and his home has welcomed dogs from the U.S., Egypt, and Turkey. He has a deep fondness for dogs with disabilities and has a home full of fluff and love.

Derek Dujardin
Creative Director and Brand Strategist at 3rdPlus and 3rdThird Marketing

Derek DujardinDerek Dujardin has been an award-winning advertising copywriter, creative director, and brand strategist for over 30 years. He has worked as the creative director for 3rdThird Marketing and 3rdPlus for the last seven years. During that time, he has helped redefine what’s possible in marketing and branding for senior living communities by bringing a fresh, creative perspective informed by his extensive work with Nike, F5, T-Mobile, Starbucks, Microsoft, McKesson, Evergreen Health, U.S. Bank and dozens of other clients. As the foremost thought leader on the role of internalized ageism and marketing, he has spoken extensively about its many adverse effects on senior living sales. He will not abide cookie-cutter work. He believes marketing senior living communities by using photos of older people and pictures of buildings is just plain lazy, uninspired and often a bad idea.

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