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Lead Generation
About This Project

Town & Country is located in Orange County, CA. We’ve been their agency of record since 2018. They recently built a new $30 million memory community and needed to bring awareness to project but also need to drive prospects for their independent and assisted living apartments. Since spring is a prime time to prospect and Covid-19 surge was starting to wane, the community as highly motivated to host events that will drive attendees.


Generate leads and tours and continue to position Town & Country as a lively, fun place offers a vibrant lifestyle. We also position the community as a subject matter expert on topics seniors are interested in learning more about.


We presented the client with two intriguing event ideas, including GALantine’s Day party and Sunday Fun-Day Garen Party. Town & Country has stunning gardens, so we featured those in a self-mailer, and also included a panel for events that related to the newly opened Grace Gardens Memory Care. For the April mailing, we focused the idea on downsizing event that also had “Rightsizing Your Life” booklet as an offer for attending.

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